Streets are for cars, not Veterans
These past couple of years have been a harsh lesson for today’s society. We lost people, and jobs and were forced into a state of survival
The isolation from the daily warmth, laughter, and community, so many of us took for granted changed our lives indefinitely.

Today we celebrate the strength found within ourselves and each other to persevere and help others.  We now must look beyond ourselves and help those who are still struggling and are less fortunate than ourselves.  
Please join Patriot’s Promise as we continue to be an advocate for Veterans’ Homelessness in Southern California!

Patriot’s Promise was founded in 2012 by John R. Baskin Sr. As a former Army Captain/Helicopter Pilot and Desert Storm Veteran, John felt a strong calling to give back and honor unrecognized heroes. His father, Colonel/Reverend Ronald R. Baskin served in both the Korean and Vietnam War before retiring after 33 years of decorated service.
Colonel Baskin dedicated the rest of his life to serving the church as well as countless homeless, broken, and forgotten soldiers at VA Hospitals all around the US. Colonel Baskin passed away in 2010 at the age of 84 and was a true inspiration in John’s life.

At Patriot’s Promise, we believe “Streets are for cars, not veterans.”

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